Vision of Rail Travel in 2016

CRH Speeding By
CRH Speeding By

It is 2:25pm and Mr. William Collins has just arrived in Chicago off of flight 1298 from Los Angeles. However Mr. William’s next “flight” is actually United 9337 from Chicago to Milwaukee, which leaves from gate A3 at 3:25pm. This is odd, though, because there is no “A” concourse at O’Hare. However, in 2015, United Airlines installed three gates at the south end of the baggage claim area. In every way, these areas appear like ordinary gates, except that there is no security and the gate leads to a bus loading area rather than a jet bridge.

Mr. Collins arrives at gate A3 20 minutes before the gate closes. However, when the boarding announcement is made, Mr. Collins boards a shuttle bus. Mr. Collins is a little confused, but the reason for the bus is to take Mr. Collins and his 75 other fellow passengers to the O’Hare train station located near long term parking lot “F”. This is because United Flight 9337 is also known as Railflyer Train #337.

In this case, there are two buses which are crowded but not overstuffed. Also, the buses wait until the Railflyer train arrives. It is then that Mr. Collins notices the car with the United’s paint scheme. “How odd” he thinks to himself “That a train could look just like a United Airlines airplane.” It is at that time Mr. Collins disembarks from the shuttle bus and walks across the platform directly into United’s car. Mr. Collins then takes his assigned seat on the train as the last of the checked bags are being loaded into the front of the car. Then at 3:25, Railflyer train 337 departs Chicago O’Hare for Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International Airport. Once the train is moving, the conductor comes through the cabin to check tickets. Soon after that, an attendant rolls cart down the aisle and offers him a beverage. Then after a quick stop in Sturtevant/Kenosha, Railflyer train #337 arrives exactly on time at Milwaukee’s Mitchel field at 4:29pm. Now Mr. Collins had checked luggage, however, on the train he was able to claim his checked luggage. It only takes a few seconds for Mr. Collins to disembark along with his checked bags and walk the 50 feet to his car parked in long term parking lot.

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