Learn To Fly Without Wings

Railflyer Train Speeding ByThere is a tremendous amount of controversy regarding the investment in high speed rail in the US, and even more controversy regarding the future of the US passenger rail network. However, Railflyer is not about investing in high speed rail. Rather, this is a business plan for launching a profitable passenger rail system in the US; and also laying the ground work for a successful world class high speed rail network.

Instead of having inter-city passenger rail compete with the airlines, Railflyer will work with the airlines in order to replace short and expensive regional jet flights with conventional passenger rail, or high speed rail. Additionally, Railflyer will not only link major airports with secondary US cities, but also continue that same train service from the airport to the major city centers. For example, a train would leave Milwaukee’s Intermodal Station in downtown Milwaukee, stop at Mitchell Field to pick up airline passengers before continuing to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and complete its journey at one of Chicago’s downtown train stations, such as Union Station.

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